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The arrow approach™

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Why The Arrow Approach™? Because pregnancy, birth and parenthood have the power to transform us in ways we never thought possible. In our time on this earth, we’ve learned that anything with that magnitude – is magic, and hard. We created The Arrow Approach™ because we know the magic firsthand. And we know the hard.

The Arrow Approach™ is about bucking the archaic model of one-size-fits-all agendas and pressure to “achieve” some sort of made-up status symbol (just saw a Tweet – it doesn’t exist). What does exist here? Un-biased information from ridiculously qualified professionals so you can decide what’s right for you. Modern access ’cause #busyhuman. Comforting support + guidance right when you need it because magic and hard don’t always co-exist harmoniously. Far-reaching social change because someone else’s hard may be harder. And you can help them see the magic.

Bottom line? Becoming a parent is not black and white. It’s highly individual amidst one million shades of grey. The Arrow Approach™ respects that your unique journey (and your transformation) lies within all that grey. And that – is where we’ll carve your magic.

—What We Know

There's no PHD for Parenthood

Or the path to it. No matter how many books or blogs you read, there’s no diploma or award upon “completion”. The good news? With the Arrow Approach™ of Learn + Consult + Give, you become empowered for success in the school of what matters most to you.

Modern Tools Change the Game

The Arrow Approach™ utilizes the power of the information superhighway + today’s digital platforms which are crucial to bring you the best in birth + beyond, all in one place, and right when you need it.

Experience is the Best Guide

The Arrow Approach™ combines online education + virtual consultations led by the greatest minds in birth.

Because while hearing Aunt Betty’s birth story for the zillionth time is great -professionals that do this every day –  know these topics best. 

Helping Others Lifts Us All Up

The Arrow Approach™ combines Learn + Consult + Give. So while you transform your birth through Learn + Consult, you in turn Give the fundamental gift of saving the lives of mothers and babies. #socialimpact 


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We’ve built an extraordinary team of professionals to provide you with the world’s most innovative birth education and expert parenting consultations. Because we believe experience should be your teacher.

✔, ✔ and ✔. Expertly prepare for your ideal birth. Our revolutionary non-judgmental approach combined with our real world expertise covers it all. Because experience teaches us to educate you beyond the birth you desire. #birthhappens

We created Arrow Expert Consulting to provide solutions for your unique parenting situation. Every Arrow Expert Consultant is a certified practitioner and meets our stringent standards so you always have an experienced guide as you walk the parenthood path.

We feel youl. Our online docu-educational birth course was designed just for you, the modern parent. Say goodbye to rushing to your childbirth class after work or spending your precious weekends in a hospital classroom trying to stay engaged.

Positivity rules. We support all birth plans and outcomes. All baby feeding techniques. We support you. No judgment here. Ever. 

Think of it as having coffee with a girlfriend that’s super knowledgeable and experienced about all things having a baby.

No one person can fill all the necessary roles on the road to becoming a parent. So, we brought each crucial role to you in one state-of-the-art platform so you can glean from each professional’s specific area of expertise. 

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