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Considering + Fertility

Optimal fertility education, IVF support, adoption, surrogacy, egg freezing, considering a family

Birth Prep

Optimal birth goals, birth team selection, preparing for an induction / unmedicated / medicated / c-section / VBAC birth, preparing for postpartum + parental leave

Emotional Health

Postpartum adjustment strategies, identifying + referring for postpartum mood disorders, managing postpartum stress + anxiety, partner expectations, couples conflict, sexual trauma, unexpected loss, traumatic birth, struggles with parenthood transition 


Ideal diet for fertility / pregnancy / postpartum, optimal foods for each trimester, postpartum meal planning, nutrition recommendations, foods that heal, emotional relationship with foods

Physical Therapy + Exercise

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, diastasis recti, core strengthening, pre + postnatal yoga, back pain + sciatica, c-section / episiotomy / perineal tear recovery, urinary incontinence, ideal exercises for fertility / trimester / postpartum 

Health + Maternity

Questions for health provider, relief for pregnancy’s challenges, second opinions, explanations of common procedures and interventions, sexual discomfort

Lactation Guidance

Prenatal breastfeeding education, latch issues, nipple pain, milk supply, formula, bottle-feeding, combination feeding, pumping, returning to work, breastfeeding complications

Postpartum Support

Newborn care, feeding schedules, baby soothing techniques, optimal postpartum goals, postpartum recovery, strategizing sleep, processing the birth

Partner Support

Supportive birth partner tips, pre-baby planning, postpartum plan, breastfeeding + child feeding partner support, home life adjustment, family roles evaluation + planning

Sleep Coaching

Healthy sleep strategies, developmental stages for infant sleep education, bedtime + nap routines, wake up and sleep regressions, back to work,  sleep plans, night weaning strategies, safe sleep environment education

Back-to-Work & Life Balance

Navigating parental leave and return to work, establishing self-care routines, division of household labor, childcare procurement, pumping at work, traveling pregnant or with baby, rights as a working parent

All Things Baby

Developmental milestones, parenting strategies, parent & child relationship, traveling with baby, strategies for a high-needs baby, infant massage, implementing successful routines

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