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Are you craving priceless expertise anywhere from pregnancy to postpartum?


You’re not alone.

You want a birth + beyond journey that aligns with your desires, circumstance and lifestyle, but stories you hear + the internet are a sea of conflicting information. Knowing where to turn for specific guidance on this uncertain path – is overwhelming. Until now.

Arrow Consulting offers two ways modern families can access timely advice + effective support from experienced professionals, because the most important story – is your own. 

Arrow offers two routes for Birth and Lactation Consulting; our live call Group format, or Individually, one-on-one.  Either route you choose – we’ll conquer the common following topics, together. #yougotthis

Feel true support with every step.


  • First trimester struggles
  • Creating my Optimal Birth Goals (birth plan)
  • My ideal birth provider, team or locale
  • Questions I should be asking my provider
  • Prenatal nutrition and exercise
  • Relief for pregnancy's challenges
  • What to pack for the big day
  • I want a natural/epidural/see how it goes birth
  • Preparing for a VBAC
  • I'm getting induced
  • I'm having multiples
  • I'm having a c-section
  • Immediate postpartum recovery + success
  • Navigating back to work
  • Cultivating work/life balance
  • I want to process my birth
  • Sanity saving sleep strategies
  • Adjusting to my new role as a parent #selfcare
  • Prenatal breastfeeding education
  • I need a Lactation Consultant right meow
  • Formula and/or bottlefeeding
  • Pumping and/or returning to work
  • Adoption/multiple/special needs feeding
  • Weaning
  • Miscarriage, pregnancy loss or infertility
  • How to be supportive #grandparentsrule
  • What baby gear do I really need?
  • I'm having a difficult time
  • Partner involvement
  • Strategizing childcare options
— How It Works

We Begin by Meeting you Exactly Where you Are

What’s kicking around in your head or weighing on your heart? What are you incessantly googling while also asking everyone you know? Those are your consulting needs. In group consulting you can submit your questions 24/7 and they will be addressed on our weekly live call. If you’re individually consulting, you begin by filling out an intake form so we can get to know you and where you desire to be.

Either way, clarity awaits.

Consult Individually or in a Group with Experienced Arrow Consultants

No two people have the same journey which is why dedicated time for consulting about your unique needs is imperative – and game changing. Consult wherever you have Wifi and whenever it fits into your busy schedule.

Whether you’re consulting individually or in our weekly group, we securely meet virtually to unearth the solutions you’ve been craving. 

Solutions for your Unique Goals become Reality

Group participants receive answers weekly + dive into common topics where the power of many empowers each of us. Every Individual consultation is followed up with Arrow’s Action Steps, a custom written Godsend delivering realistic + effective steps to achieve your particular desires and needs.

Next step? An unshakable feeling of “I’ve so got this.” And you do.

You join a weekly, LIVE session hosted by an Arrow Consultant via Zoom
One-on-one with an Arrow Birth or Lactation Consultant via Zoom
Rotating topics around pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breast + bottle feeding
Customized support; You choose the topics you wish to cover
Easily submit questions online that will be answered on the LIVE session​
Intake form to establish where you are – and where you desire to be​
Continue conversation on our private Facebook group​
Choose between an Arrow Birth Consultant or Arrow Lactation Consultant, depending on your specific and/or imminent needs​
Consulting sessions are on Wednesdays @ 11am ​
Available whenever you need it – scheduling as soon as within 24 hours​
Watch prior Group Consulting sessions in our on-demand content library​
Watch or download the Video +/or Audio recording of your Individual Consulting session ​
Subscription based: À La Carte or part of the Arrow Approach™ Essentials Plan
Pay per session or get 3 as part of the Arrow Approach™ Bullseye Package​

Birth + Lactation

Your Consultants

Arrow Consultants are superstars in coaching you to define your (known + unknown) needs and desires, weigh your options and alternatives, and uncover best practice solutions for you.

Every Arrow Birth Consultant has in-person experience with over 300+ pregnancies, labors, births and postpartums. They stand for all birth goals (+outcomes), in any birthing location, and with whatever family means to you.

Our Arrow Lactation Consultants possess the gold standard certification in lactation and have hands-on experience supporting over 300 families through every type of baby feeding journey. 

No professional is better suited to support you on the parenthood path, which is why Arrow consulting was born.

Mari stutzman Smith | Arrow Birth Consultant

Sensei of Solutions + Birth Boss
Three fab kiddos, three very different births. Decade plus doula. Trip planner extraordinaire. Music + cooking are kinda my thangs. Organization + hip hop quicken my heart. Self taught tech nerd. Detail oriented ninja. Genius explainer of complicated things. Kindness first, Google second.

“With Mari, you know immediately you’re tapping into the knowledge of a true professional, yet she has the unique ability to also make you feel like you're just chatting with your girlfriend who's already had ten kids.”
-Customer who experienced true professionalism

Tara cAmpbell Lussier | Arrow Birth Consultant

Clarity Strategist + Birth Linchpin
Mama to four, including twins. VBAC Warrior. Forever birth worker. Overwhelm slayer. Running + yoga + pho = bliss. Spontaneous rendezvous? Always. Baby snuggles and travel plans light my fire. Bright lipstick and interior design are my crew. Baby steps aficionado. Flag-waving advocate of postive mindsets + non-judgment.

“It’s a shame there are families that birth without Tara. I cannot wholeheartedly recommend her enough as an expert and guide on all things birth, but also as a human.”
- Grateful customer with superior taste

Melanie Headley | Arrow Birth Consultant

Birth Alchemist + Communication Artist
Four kiddos in five years. Whew! Childbirth ed/doula/lactation for thousands. Well dressed city gal. Fervent student of yoga. Vegetarian because, duh. Forever laughing. Blended family of 8 crusader. Shoes and I = love affair. Comedy + my people fill my cup. Fierce listener + relief deliverer. Meet you where you are Magician.

“Melanie is doing exactly what she is meant to - mentoring and educating people on the entire birthing experience. And she does so with the warmest heart and unparalleled grace. No one I know will give birth without her in their back pocket.”
-Woman caught screaming praise from a rooftop

Jessica Sypolt | Arrow Lactation Consultant

Champion of Nourishment + Defeat Eliminator
Three stellar kiddos, fed them all the ways. The Booby Whisperer aka sought-after IBCLC. Speed reader means a book a week. Queen of Liquid Gold. Design + lactation = me. Seeker of Art in all forms. Thirst for knowledge is never satiated yet easy going is my thang. Delicate dancer of tender moments. I’m funny, too, obviously.

I was an engorged hormonal mess on the close verge of quitting nursing when I met with Jessica. Through her consultations I gained accurate information (not the jargon that got me in the mess) and the confidence to continue nursing my son for over a year. When I returned to work and needed help navigating pumping, her calm expertise and humorous nature assuaged my fears. I am forever grateful for Angel Jessica.”
-Defeated-to-triumphant customer

Arrow was created for today's modern families and their values

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