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Recruit + retain top talent while supporting supplier diversity with the only women owned family support platform.

modern support for working parents


Family Planning
LGTBQ families

Pregnancy + Birth

Birth Planning
Pregnancy Discomforts
Second Opinions
Preparing for Parental Leave
Emotional Health
Nutrition, Exercise + Yoga

Return to Work

Life/Work Balance
Self-Care for Working Parents
Breast and Bottle feeding at Work
Parental Leave Rights and Regulations
Partner Support
Manager Launch Training

a family support platform that elevates your company

Why should your company offer family support benefits?

Attract top talent

Today’s elite professionals choose better benefits over higher salaries – be competitive by offering benefits they desire to achieve true work/life balance.

Retain working parents

One out of three millennials quit when they become parents – don’t become a statistic by offering impactful family support benefits.

Create inclusive culture

Improve workplace morale by implementing parent-friendly perks that display your commitment to working parents and their values.  

Lower health costs

Maternal + child health is an employers largest expense. Improve your bottom line by supporting employees in-between appointments. 

Increase productivity

When employees feel secure about their home life, they can show up as their best selves at work – maximizing efficiency and workflow. 

social + Supplier impact

Your company supports global social impact through critical childbirth resources – and supplier diversity in procuring a certified women owned vendor.

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