Our story

Thousands of babies later, our journey has only just begun.

It all started in our Nation’s Capital as doulas, birth workers + community leaders.

The birth journey spoke to us before we ever became mothers ourselves. In 2006, we took the life-changing ToLabor Doula Certification and then began the journey of supporting families through pregnancy, labor, birth + postpartum. Through the rewarding work of attending hundreds of births, we each found our true calling; supporting women, families and babies in what matters most. During this time we also co-founded several birth circles in the DC area. These are safe, informative spaces where moms and families find support for wherever they are on the parenthood journey. 

An idea was sparked when our colleagues brought to light the work of Midwives for Haiti.

Our network of birth professionals grew and colleagues became dear friends. Some of our Midwife friends shared stories of their trips with the non-profit, Midwives For Haiti. We were gut punched by the conditions our birthing sisters face through their Haiti pictures, blogs and stats. We couldn’t imagine a reality without perinatal care or facing the devastating reality of common maternal + infant deaths. We also knew firsthand that families here in the US were struggling with education and support as well… just in a different capacity. Modern US families lacked access to accurate information on all things birth and parenting that fit into their busy lives. Our idea was revealed to us; fix both of these problems so birth was improved for ALL.

Arrow Birth was born in 2016 and we’re growing everyday.

We started Arrow slowly, as we were still attending births and mothering seven children combined. #doulamomlife  We’re grateful for this time as it gave us the clarity to establish our business ethos and sharpen the skills needed to launch an impactful online business. Today, Arrow has grown exponentially while accomplishing our mission of transforming YOUR birth, while improving birth worldwide, and that makes us the most proud. The entire Arrow family celebrates sharing your values, and honors being the future in birth + beyond.

Tara is the co-founder of Arrow Birth, Inc., an Arrow Doula Consultant and a ToLabor Certified Professional Doula since 2007. Before Arrow, she ran a vibrant solo practice in the DC area for nearly twelve years that saw hundreds of births. Tara was also a birth assistant while studying midwifery before being called to do Arrow. Tara holds a B.S. from East Carolina University and a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition from Columbia University; although nothing prepared her more for Arrow than the families and births she supported, and birthing her own four babies, including IVF twins and two VBACs. When she’s not doing all things Arrow you can find her carting her kids around town, running, or planning a trip. Tara views her entrepreneurialism as an opportunity for positive impact that’s much needed in our world.

Mari is the co-founder of Arrow Birth, Inc., an Arrow Doula Consultant and a ToLabor Certified Professional Doula since 2009. Mari ran a busy solo practice in DC for ten + years and supported over 300 families throughout their labor, birth, and postpartum experiences. Mari holds a B.S. in Marketing from George Mason University which has helped her fulfill her dreams to start Arrow Birth. Mari has always known that her love of helping others combined with her birth skills would shape her career. When she’s not running Arrow, you can find her dancing to hip-hop in her kitchen and most certainly hanging with the loves of her life, her three stellar kiddos + supportive hubby. Mari couldn’t be more excited to partner with Midwives for Haiti to truly address the maternal mortality crisis globally. 

We’re revolutionizing what support and education look like for the entire childbearing year.

Experience is truly the best teacher.

You learn best when interactively taught by all the experts, not just one long-big-boring-lecture.

The preventable maternal + infant mortality rate can be zero in our lifetime.

All birth plans + outcomes (unmedicated, epidural or cesarean) should be unequivocally supported and cheered on.

In no agendas or one-size-fits-all approaches for your birth.

In working with your birth team, not against them ~ and we can teach you how.

That with the right support you can thrive while simultaneously having the career you’ve worked hard for ~ and the family you cherish.

In win-wins… making births safer abroad while creating the ideal childbearing year for you.

Every woman + baby deserve access to a safe birth.

Improve Your .